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Easy Tips To Help Seniors Get Dressed Daily

Personal care at home services helps seniors maintain daily routines, including dressing, to enhance their sense of normalcy and social engagement.
Personal care at home services helps seniors with daily activities and assistance.
Personal care at home services helps seniors with daily activities and assistance.

It’s important for seniors living at home to get up and get dressed every day. Getting dressed can give seniors a sense of normalcy and make them more likely to want to have visitors or go outside to see neighbors. But as they get older, seniors may have trouble putting on their socks or shoes, undergarments, or buttoning shirts. Personal care at home services can help.

Personal care at home for seniors provides discrete and empathetic care for daily activities.

Your senior parent can use these tips to get dressed every day and assistance from personal care at home providers:


Choose Easy-to-Wear Clothing

Seniors should have lots of clothes that are easy for them to get on and off.  The best clothes for seniors are clothes with elastic waistbands, Velcro closures, and large buttons or zippers. Adaptive clothing designed for seniors can also be very helpful if your senior parent has poor grip strength, arthritis, or painful joints.


Organize The Closet For Easy Access

Make sure your senior parent’s closet and dressers are organized to make getting dressed easy. Keep frequently worn items easily accessible. Arrange clothing by type (shirts, pants, etc.) and season, and use labels on drawers if necessary.


Lay Out Clothes in Order

You or personal care at home caregivers can arrange the clothes for your senior parent in the order they will be put on. For example, start with undergarments, then tops, and finally bottoms. Put complete outfits together so that they don’t have to try on many clothes.


Provide Comfortable Seating

Put a sturdy chair with armrests in the bedroom, so your senior parent can sit while getting dressed. This can make it easier and safer, especially when dealing with lower-body clothing.


Get Dressing Aids

Tools like button hooks, zipper pulls, long-handled shoehorns, and sock aids can help make dressing easier and allow your senior mom or dad to get dressed more easily on their own.


Encourage Independence

Allow your parents to do as much as they can on their own, offering help only when necessary. This will promote a sense of independence and self-worth.


Be Patient and Positive

Provide encouragement and be patient. Avoid rushing and stay calm, even if the process is slow. Personal care at home providers are specially trained to show the patience and care that aging seniors need as they work through common tasks.


Adapt the Environment

Ensure the room is well-lit and at a comfortable temperature. Personal care at home aides can help remove any potential hazards that could cause tripping or slipping on a regular basis.


Buy Clothes That Are Soft And Stretchy

Choose soft, stretchy fabrics that are easy to move in and comfortable against the skin. Avoid scratchy or stiff materials.


Simplify Choices

Limit the number of clothing options to reduce decision-making stress. Offer two or three choices to make it easier.


Address Special Needs

Think about any physical limitations that your senior parent has, such as arthritis or limited mobility, and choose clothing that won’t make their symptoms worse or be too difficult for them to put on.


If these tips don’t help your senior parent get dressed easily, call to find out more about personal care at home services for your senior mom or dad.



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