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How Can Families Help When a Senior Wants to Pass Away at Home? 

Hospice Care: End-of-Life Planning in Pikesville, MD
Hospice Care: End-of-Life Planning in Pikesville, MD

End-of-life decisions are among the most challenging ones for families to make. These decisions are extremely difficult when the person passing away hasn’t shared their wishes. That’s why it’s so important to honor someone’s wishes when they do express them. Many seniors want to pass away at home instead of spending the time they have left in a hospital or nursing home. Hospice care can offer assistance with helping seniors manage their end-of-life needs.


Understand What the Person Wants

It is a good idea to first talk about what the person nearing the end of life wants. Open and honest conversations about those preferences and wishes helps families to understand what the person wants. Often people who want to pass away at home are looking for comfort and familiar surroundings at the end of life. Some may not even know a lot about their final wishes beyond wanting to stay home. Hospice can help them to clarify their wishes further.


Seek Some Support from Hospice Care

Hospice care offers specialized support and access to services that help people to face the end of their lives on their own terms. Hospice teams consist of healthcare professionals, social workers, religious leaders, volunteers, and other support staff. Depending on the person’s needs, their team is customizable to continue meeting needs as they change.


Create a Supportive and Comfortable Environment

When someone wants to pass away at home, it’s vital that their home is supportive and comfortable. Families can do a lot to ensure that seniors have soothing music, reminders of the people who care about them, and other familiar objects. Hospice can help with durable medical equipment like hospital beds, mobility aids, oxygen tanks, and more.


Coordinate Care and Support

There are a lot of different support services necessary at the end of life and that can get overwhelming very quickly for seniors and family caregivers. Hospice providers can make it a lot easier to keep up with a care plan that is personalized to the senior’s situation. This helps to ensure that symptoms are managed properly and that patients have the assistance that they need with daily activities and anything else.


Provide Emotional Support

It’s also important that families and patients get the emotional support they need. It’s not always easy to say goodbye to beloved family members. Hospice care helps everyone involved to access the emotional support they need in order to deal with their grief before and after the person they love passes away. For the person who is nearing the end of their life, spiritual and emotional support are just as important.


Supporting someone who wants to pass away at home is a demanding task for families. Hospice care has the guidance and tools necessary to ensure that families can make this final wish a reality for the person they love. Hospice also ensures that families and people who are near the end of life find the peace, comfort, and dignity that they need during this incredibly difficult time.


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