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Did You Know That In-Home Care May Allow a Senior with Dementia to Remain Home?

In-Home Care: Senior with Dementia in Towson, MD
In-Home Care: Senior with Dementia in Towson, MD

At first, Thomas was frustrated. He was frustrated by the challenges he faced with his memory. As a man in his 70s, he had been used to this, but not to this degree. Of course, he tried to hide his struggles as best he could, but his wife of over 52 years saw right through him.

After several weeks of encouraging him, even pleading and begging with him to see his doctor, he finally went. He was put through a battery of tests and it was determined that he had a form of dementia. While there was no cure for it, Thomas understood that it would progress, but he still had a lot of life left in him, at least that’s how he felt and wanted to keep thinking.

At the time, he was able to do most things well enough without any help. He just needed a few reminders and some patience from his wife and adult children who called and stop by and check in on him from time to time. The last thing he wanted was to make people worry about him.

He also didn’t want to be a burden to his wife who was also dealing with certain health issues.

One afternoon, his two adult children came by for a visit, together. He found it odd since they rarely ever visited at the same time, and knew something was up. They wanted to talk about short and long-term care needs.

“I don’t need any help right now,” he told them. He wasn’t being mean or aggressive, but simply stating a fact. His wife sat by him and encouraged the conversation.

“Dad,” his daughter said, “there’s going to come a time when you need more than mom can help with.” And that’s how the topic of in-home care came up for Thomas and his family.

While he appreciated their concern, he told them he was fine, but when his son asked, “Where do you want to spend the rest of your life?” He didn’t know what to say. He just assumed it would be obvious: right there, at home.

“But is that reasonable?” Was the question back to him. Of course it was, he thought. Yet, the more he thought about it, the more he began to realize the symptoms were expanding, the more he would be dependent on someone for help, the more he wanted to learn because the last thing he desired was to have his spouse struggling during her final years of life just to help him.

Ultimately, they talked about in-home care because he wanted to remain home, if possible. He learned that a qualified, experienced home care assistant would be able to provide a range of supports and benefits.


1. It could improve safety.

Just having somebody there, somebody strong and healthy and younger, could be a great help, especially when there would be times when he needed help getting out of bed or taking a shower.


2. The sooner home care would start, the more comfortable he would be in the future.

He hadn’t thought about that before, but realizing that the dementia would affect more and more of his memories, that one day he may not recognize his surroundings, having consistency would be crucial. Of course, his wife would be consistent, but if he started working with somebody through home care now, and they were working with him five years from now, for example, that would offer some level of comfort when he felt stressed and anxious with the memory loss.


3. He would be encouraged to stay active.

He certainly felt he needed that already. A lot of things he was giving up on because of the dementia. Even though his wife and children were telling him to keep doing things, it didn’t have the same impact as an experienced professional telling him the same things.

Right or wrong, these are a few ways that in-home care may benefit a senior dealing with dementia who wants to age in place.


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