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How to Make Bath Time Easier for Seniors

Personal Care at Home: Senior Grooming Support Pikesville, MD
Personal Care at Home: Senior Grooming Support Pikesville, MD

Taking a bath seems like something easy to do but for many seniors it is a challenge. Since it is something that puts a senior in a vulnerable position they may not like asking for help from their adult children. However, if you start to notice signs that your seniors may be neglecting bathing, it is time to sit down and talk with them.

  • Ask them what other things they need help with.
  • Ask them how you can help them take baths.
  • Ask them if they need more help around the house from a professional.


All of these questions will help you figure out how to best approach a solution that will allow your seniors to keep up with personal hygiene without making them feel bad or vulnerable. Personal care at home is a great profession for seniors to have because they are people who are trained in helping someone who is older.

Here are ideas on how to make bath time easier:

Seek Professional Help

Not all seniors want their adult children to help them because they want to feel independent and want to do as much as possible on their own. Personal care at home can help your loved one feel like they can enjoy their adult children’s company but also giving you a sense of relief by ensuring someone is there during times like bathing, dressing, and walking around. Personal care at home can help make bathing a lot more comfortable for a senior and together they can work to find ways to ensure a senior is keeping up with their personal hygiene.

Create a Routine

Personal care will help your loved one make a routine. This means that every time a senior gets into the shower they will know exactly what to do. A caregiver may even walk a senior through the steps of bathing in the same order every time. The layout of the tub should be the same and things should be clearly labeled. This means even if your senior loved one is having memory issues they will be able to shower with little hassle. Having a routine allows for a senior to feel less stress.

Don’t Shower Every Day

Seniors may not need to shower every day and they may be able to keep clean if they shower a few times a week instead. They can get away with three to four times a week which may make them more willing to bathe more often. It’s important for you to never shame your loved one for the amount they bathe but encourage them to take care of themselves and stick to a routine with personal care at home.

Get Them Warm

During the shower the water should never be too hot or too cold. Sometimes a senior who is older may struggle to change temperatures during the shower because the handle is too hard to pull or twist, this is something personal care at home can help with. The temperature should always be comfortable for a senior and right after a bath the senior should be getting dry and into warm clothes to continue being comfortable. When they have no help they may become too cold after the shower because they can’t dry and change fast enough.

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